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In today’s fast pace world creative needs require the knowledge of multiple technological platforms. George Gomez founded Wakeful Heart Productions with the idea of creating a production company that is ready to meet these 21st century demands.  In an age where the lines between video, audio, web and live production environments are questionable if not impossible to detect, Gomez brings over 15 years of professional experience blending and cross referencing these mediums.

Technology has made it possible to do wonderful things in the fields of media, art, music and communications.  There is no limit to what can be done.  All you really need is a wakeful heart and mind to avail ourselves to what is right here in front of us.



Gomez’s most notable work can been seen with his ongoing relationship with Cesar Millan’s cesarsway.com web site. Launched in 2005, the site has grown to be one of the top visited sites in its category running a highly successful e-commerce business centered around direct-to-consumer DVD sales. Gomez has been there from the beginning always making sure the site keeps up with trends. His current role as Director of Digital Video looks to merge all his knowledge of digital media in order to create compelling video content for the Cesar Millan franchise.

Gomez is also co-founder and acting Technical producer for the Readymade Film Fest. Since 2000, the Readymade Film Fest has showcased hundreds of short films to live audiences around Los Angeles. It has grown a reputation of being bold and cutting edge in the way it showcases works from up-and-coming filmmakers in Los Angeles. Major film schools around southern California including UCLA and Cal Arts encourage their students to submit their works and take part in the unique experience. Readymade Film Fest is currently starting to showcase feature films and expand into other cities including Washington D.C. and San Francisco. Recently, Gomez teamed up once again with RMFF partner David Aguilar to develop feature films under the production company Sitting Gorilla Creations.

Other works by Gomez include the production of the feature film, Waiting For Tomorrow, which did the festival circuit in 2007. The film was self produced and was a true testimonial of what can be done in the digital age in the arena of independent filmmaking. With only a $10,000 budget, Gomez set out to make a powerful film which he wrote, directed, edited, scored, and acted on.

In addition, Gomez’s experience extends even further producing music and DJing around Los Angeles. He has also produced several live events including community rallies and dance clubs.



All relationships start with an introduction. Together we can create a vision for the future.

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